Shoeless Flow Jackson

by Sketch tha cataclysm



A collection of songs; none too heady and a lot of them being performance songs that were never intended to be officially released. Something fun for you folks while loose ends are being tied on the enormous amount of projects coming soon. I love y'all. Spread the word. Design the change.

Sketch tha cataclysm.


released August 7, 2009

All tracks produced by Sketch tha cataclysm except for "Words and Numbers" produced by SilenTuch
The mix track is mixed by DJ Halo

Album art by Alexandra Simmons



all rights reserved


Sketch tha cataclysm Waterbury, Connecticut

Sketch tha cataclysm is a musician. He raps and produces musics. He wrote this in third person.

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Track Name: Freewrite #8
Frustration provoked by the oncoming elation,
knowing the elevation that may come with my escaping,
This place it's stifling, seeing the fruits that life could bring,
Could make you reach 'em, eat 'em, or angry at all the mights,
It stings when you fall short, life is all warts,
what you'd call warped when there is no travels on the ballcourt
or you're feeling out of the game, these bouts are insane
I go through, battle with change for growth, jump through gold hoops,
Loopy at my job, tripping and feeling anxious
try to ignore the clock but its hard not to face it
facets of thoughts of wasting time placed in my face gets
my grin furrowed, there goes my happiness getting burrowed,
beneath the surface, worthless feet, nervous, one of the working meek,
inheriting the earth as it bursts and burns the heat
is hazardous, I have to just escape this bloody rapturous
surpass and push this rapper shit to pass its what i'm passionate about, so watch what comes out of my mouth
I guarantee these bouts are fuel to spit to hit you where it counts
and if I don't amount to anything but a man who strives for many things
at least this puppet walks the Earth released from all its petty strings